By making our good works known to the public, we acknowledge and demonstrate that Rotarians are People in Action. It defines who and what Rotary is in our community while inviting and inspiring others to join our efforts. Further, awards recognition is a collective celebration, a " Rotary thank you," to all those that made these good works possible.
Considering your President's background in teaching and evaluation, here are the criteria that will be tracked and used to make the selection of the Rotarian of the Year for 2019-2020. Tracking starts on July 1, 2019 and finishes 2 weeks prior to the installation date for RY 2020-2021, when the award will be presented.
Criteria for selection
  1. Must be current with dues and in good standing with the club
  2. Attendance at our meetings, socials/mixers included, (this is not 100% attendance), Service events, District events, fundraiser worker
  3. Foundation giving (not how much but did or didn’t give something)
  4. Wearing of Rotary Pin, Rotary shirt, or something with the logo; badges don't count
  5. New members/guest points - get a point for each guest you bring and one for each new member you sponsor (same rules as the Win a Paul Harris Recognition)
  6. Bonus points:  Attend another organization’s meetings Promoting Rotary (picture documentation)
In the event of a tie, 1st consideration #2 above, then 2nd consideration #5 above
*  Current President is excluded from consideration, expectation of office.