President-Elect training includes the concept and action plan of setting goals and then defining ways to achieve them. Rotary International encourages (actually requires) us to post goals/benchmarks for the club on an annual basis.
The following goals and action items are ones that I, your President, have set forth to start the year. I am sharing them with you in hopes of opening a dialog concerning how you feel about them and the direction of the club. Let's talk.
MembershipFoundation GivingPublic Image/Awareness
  1. Mixers/Social evenings
  2. Facebook
  3. Foundation/Paul Harris Dinner
  4. Invitation letters distributed through various outlets
  5. Paul Harris Recognition Drawing
  6. Increased attendance District Events
  7. Fireside Chat
  1. Education 
  2. Foundation/Paul Harris Dinner
  3. Matching Points Program
  4. Fireside Chat
  1. Mixers/Service Projects
  2. Facebook
  3. Peace Pole / District Events
  4. Brochure - updated
  5. Invitation letters distributed through various outlets
  6. Foundation/Paul Harris Dinner